UX Design



UX Design


Jan. - March. 2022

5 weeks


Design Challenge

Many customers are hard to find certain items in grocery stores, which makes them frastrated and negatively affects their grocery shopping experience.


FeshNavi is an intelligent grocery shopping cart that customizes the best shopping route for customers and also supports search items and payment. It provides a seamless shopping experience for the grocery customers.


FreshNavi provides the best shopping route by the scanned shopping lists.

FreshNavi adopts the AR technology which provides intuitive and clear instruction.

Customers could search for a certain product by FreshNavi to easily locate where it is.

Customer also could skip the long line and check out by FreshNavi.


Many grocery retailers incorporate a lot of innovative technology improving the customers’ experience in order to imcrease the customers’ retention and loyalty.

Amazon Go

Coop Italia

Scan Bag Go

Most of them are focusing on shorten or dimishing the waiting time at check out process, While there are still many problem remaining. For this project, I focused on what other problem customers might meet.

Current Journey Map
Based on the data from the interview and observation, I map the current customer journey. It identfify customer’s painpoints and unspoken needs.


1. Customers often create shopping lists to make sure they purchase all required items while keeping their spending in check.

2. Customers consistently experience challenges in locating items even within stores   they regularly visit.

3.  The existing service does not effectively assist customers in finding the items they need



I invited five users to participant the usability testing. By observing how they interactive with the prototype, I record all the painpoints that they met and find the common painpoints.

User Task 1

The goal of the Task One was to examine the process of scanning the shopping list and finishing the shopping task with FreshNavi. The participants are asked to scan the shopping list, follow the route, scan the item by using FreshNavi, and finally check out on the system.


Design System
The use of green as the primary color for FreshNavi smart shopping carts is a strategic choice to evoke freshness and offer a stress-free experience. Green symbolizes growth, freshness, and nature, while also providing a calming effect, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience.


Let’s Shopping with Charlers!

Charlers gets the shopping task from his wife for their whole family’s next week foods.

Encounter FreshNavi

Charlers arrives at the supermarket and grab a smart shopping cart at the entrance

Scan the Shopping List

Charlers scan the shopping list that provided by his wife at FreshNavi

Follow the AR Navigation to Shop

Charlers follow the AR navigation to pick all the items in his list.

Checkout with FreshNavi

After Charles finish the shopping task, he do a quick checkout at the FreshNavi by skipping the long line at checkout station

Interact With Prototype


This project experience allowed me to start thinking about balancing the business goal and user experience. Grocery stores usually rearrange their layout in order to some business reason, such as letting customer impulse buy more things and placing the best- selling products at the front. These changes somehow sacrifice the customers’ experience in the store.
FreshNavi not only improve the customers shopping efficience but also has potential to explore more recommended products to customers.