Designed for Travelers
Never Miss Your Stop
With Buzz
The must-have app for city travelers, ensuring you never miss a stop while exploring bustling urban landscapes
Remember your first ride on the New York Transit?
When you're traveling in New York, facing a complex and outdated transit system, not knowing when to get off can be stressful. That's where BUZZ comes in. It helps you get off the transit and makes your trip easier.
Buzz is here to help
Buzz helps you never missing your stop
BUZZ offers an on-time alarm to remind you where to get off and provides clear instructions on transit between stops, giving you a hassle-free travel experience.
Buzz is here to help
Traveller-tailored Design
Attractions-oriented design helps traveller easily find the destination in the app.
UnderstandING USERS
three words to describe your cabin Experience
42 People were invited to describe their feeling about the transit experience, total 46 Words were collected.  
User Insights
Insights into Navigation and Attraction Focus
5 participants were interviewed, and 2 insights were found.
Has to pay attention to figure out where should get off
More conscious about attraction name not the stops name
Design Exploration & Testing
Quick fail, quick success. After creating a sketch and mid-fidelity exploration, I invited 5 users to conduct usability testing.
Step 1: Sketch
Step 2: Mid-fi
Step 3: Testing
Design Iteration
3 main iteration were made based on the patterns we found during usability testing.
Add the attraction name to the route info so people who know about it can be aware of their destination
Use clear icons and graphics to help users identify the info easily
Counting down to showcase the bus schedule is more intuitive for travelers.
Progress info added, clearly know where they are, how much stops left
By improving, users won’t do mental calculation anymore.
An Intuitive Solution
I received positive feedback from users on the iterated design, indicating a significant improvement in page intuitiveness, task efficiency, and user satisfaction.
It's super intuitive. it always shows where you are and how many stops until you need to get off, which definitely helps reduce that new-city travel stress
User feedback
4.6 out of 5 easy to use score
Time reduction on finish the task